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Steve's picture


The creator of the web. He is oldest son in the Budiwijaya family. Likes to eat and gym, afraid of sun light because can make the skin darker. A little bit lazy, but has a cute face.

Alexia's picture


Cute, energetic girl! Likes to take a picture everywhere, proud of her beautiful body. Currently she is Steve's girlfriend.

Luke's picture


Steve's younger brother. Very much like to eat, so no wonder his belly just like Santa. Brave, dare face to face with sun light, has a heavy loud voice.

Billy's picture


Youngest son from Budiwijaya family. Some time likes to act like crazy person, more lazy than Steve. Very much like to eat, but skinny. He is proud of his six pack.

Tony's picture


Our father, boss! Mr. moustache is his nick name. Has high blood pressure and cholesterol so unfortunately he can not eat too many sea food.

Wawa's picture


Our beloved mother, very talkative, sometimes annoying. She can not swim LoL.

Kusuma's picture


Our family from Jakarta join us with his wife Memey and his son and daughter (unfortunately I don't have their photo). He has big posture (for me, he loos familiar with Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Memey's picture


Kusuma's wife, affraid of extreme game on the beach. She takes care her children very well.

Trisna's picture


Our beloved grandma. In her old age, she is still energetic and likes to dance. Very much love her grandson.


Gorgeous Alexia, stand in the white sand.

Pangandaran Beach has a white sand area. Even the beach full of coral, I think this is the most clean beach area in Pangandaran Beach.

Oh yeah, it's that good. Batu Hiu

Batu Hiu is one vacation area separated from Pangandaran Beach. This area has a large resting area with beautiful landscape and trees. The beach has a strong waves.

Luke and Billy, the first appearance.

Very bright sun light makes them had to use a hat and sun glasses. Sometimes you can meet with local cute brown dog here.

We were going to Green Canyon

Me, Alexia, Kusuma, Memey, Luke and Billy had a great experience with body rafting facing a strong stream in the exotic atmosphere of Green Canyon. It's called Green Canyon because the water is green :) After that, all of us became very exhausted and hungry. Take a long trip (about one half hour) to this place from Pangandaran Beach and the road is damaged.

Three beautiful angels were smiling.

They had to wait for use (the men) playing in the water. They did not want to get wet, so they played with the beach sand. They looked beautiful, didn't they?

Oh yeah, Mr. Luke, the sun just to bright.

He could not make good pose, because he was facing the sun. Look at his small eye LoL.

Steve looks so great.

Still at Batu Hiu, Alexia found a great spot to take a picture. You can find a local fish market near Batu Hiu. They offered a fresh and more cheap sea fish than in Pangandaran Beach.

Long life Steve and Alexia, what a couple.

We always show our romantic side everywhere we can. By the way, that's my grandma hat.

Great view from the hotel.

We can see a wide space of Pangandaran beach from our hotel. Our view were free from shop stand and crowded visitor. Our hotel located in a quiet beautiful area in Pangandaran Beach.

Oh yeah, it's delicious ice cream and noodle.

You can find a very delicious chicken noodle and refreshing yummy ice cream in Pangandaran Beach. They both are cheap and easy to eat. The ice cream served with young coconut meat and chocolate sauce.

Luke is dead, just kidding.

Luke volunteered his self to be buried in the sand. Steve, Alexia, Billy, and Kusuma's daughter Sharon buried Luke happily. We added an extra breast size to make it more funny.

Luke buried in the sand

Our Grandma is the best.

She had been in Pangandaran Beach since so many years ago when this place still very quiet. No big hotels and restaurant at that moment.

Finally, we were together.

This picture taken when we first arrived at the beach. Well this vacation is one of the unforgettable vacation that we had so far. We hope we will have another one.

About Vacationista

Vacationista is a simple website with purpose to share our family vacation experience to you. I hope that my family will not forget that we have had a wonderful vacation, at least once.

We have special vacations because we do it with special person.

About The Beach

Pangandaran Beach is one the favourite vacation place located in West Java, Indonesia. I think what people want to find in this beach is not the beach itself, rather then they looking for the fresh seafood, souvenir shop, local food like noodle and ice cream, temporary tattoo. Most folk here also like to rent a bicycle that has more than one seat so they can bike with whole family at once. You can still find a water sport to rent, like banana boat, surfing boat, etc. Beside the beach, you can find another attraction like a cave, nature sanctuary,etc. find more information here:


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